INT 200 Seminar in Information Technology & Society

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Smart City, Smart Citizens?

The term 'smart city' describes a vision in which information and communication technologies radically transform urban systems and the ways we interact with our built environment. Smart cities rely on the widespread presence of networked sensors and the near realtime analysis of their observations to improve traffic and resources management, health care, safety, and quality of living more broadly. The vision as such is part of a bigger picture that includes other topics such as big data, ambient intelligence, ubiquitous computing, information integration, and the internet of things.  Interestingly, all of these topics share similar social implications on our daily lives such as privacy concerns, long term effects on democracy, and vulnerability to cyber attacks to name but a few. This year's CITS gateway seminar will explore technological and social aspects of the smart city vision by combining lectures, hands-on exercises, discussions, and selected readings.

Students may register for this 1-unit course using the course number INT 200*. If you have any problems registering for the course, please contact Miriam Metzger (

*The Gateway course may be taken multiple times for credit; it is taught by different instructors and it covers different topics each quarter it is offered.

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  • Graduate

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SSMS 1310

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Wednesdays 11:00am - 12:50pm