Technology Careers for Social Science Researchers: Bringing "Human" in a World of Human-Computer Interaction

Event Date: 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 12:00pm

Event Location: 

  • CITS Conference Room - SSMS 1310

Dr. Lutchyn will discuss her experience of conducting social science research in a major technology corporation. She will talk about the types of topics and research questions handled by social scientists, will discuss specific skills in demand, and will describe technology careers available for social science PhDs. Dr. Lutchyn will also give some practical advice on how PhDs with social science background can find and enter jobs in the tech sector.   


Yuliya Lutchyn is a Consumer Behavior Researcher at Microsoft. Her interdisciplinary work spans the fields of consumer psychology, mediated communication and human-computer interaction (HCI). Her current research focuses on digital intelligent agents, the Internet of Things, and AR/VR. In the past, Dr. Lutchyn also worked on the problems of consumer habits, decision-making and affective computing. Her work connects the theory and practice of consumer behavior research, and involves both fundamental research and applied social science for the development of innovative technology. Prior to working in the industry, Yuliya worked as an assistant professor of Advertising at the University of Tennessee. Yuliya holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication and Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota.