Research Talk: Virtual Worlds, MOOCs, and Experiential Learning in Intercultural Contexts

Event Date: 

Monday, March 18, 2019 - 10:00am

Event Location: 

  • 1310 SSMS (CITS Conference Room)

Please join us for a research talk with Elaine Hoter of Talpiot College of Education in Israel. The talk is titled "Virtual Worlds, MOOCs, and Experiential Learning in Intercultural Contexts". Read on for more information.

Abstract:  We all know that the more we’re involved in our learning, the more we retain. The more we interact, the more we learn. Positive learning experiences are invariably examples of experiential learning, trips, meeting people different from ourselves, etc. This session discusses how the development and application of virtual worlds, simulations, and interactive videos enhance learning in intercultural settings.  

Bio: Dr. Elaine Hoter  is a senior lecturer at Talpiot College of Education in Israel, a Fulbright scholar, and co-founder of the Center for Technology and Multiculturalism Dr. Hoter makes virtual worlds and simulations to connect diverse populations, in particular Arabs and Jews. She was the recipient of the prestigious Unity of Israel Prize in 2018.



Elaine Hoter