Preserving Integrity in Online Social Media

Event Date: 

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Online social networks provide a platform for sharing information and free expression. However, these networks are also used for malicious purposes, such as distributing misinformation and hate speech, selling illegal drugs, and coordinating sex trafficking or child exploitation. Keeping users on these platforms safe from such harm, known as the problem of Integrity, is a major focus for social media companies. This talk, coming from the perspective of addressing many of these challenges at Facebook, highlights some of the recent progress made in the area of integrity and some of the challenges that lie ahead.


About the Speaker

Dr. Alon Halevy has been a director at Facebook AI since 2019, working on Affective Computing and on the combination of neural and symbolic techniques for data management. Formerly a project leader at Google, and a professor at University of Washington, he holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford, is a Fellow of the ACM, and co-author of The Infinite Emotions of Coffee and Principles of Data Integration.