Susan C. Herring

Visiting Research Scholar


Susan C. Herring is a Visiting Research Scholar in the Center for Information Technology and Society during the 2022-2023 academic year. At Indiana University Bloomington, she is Professor of Information Science and Linguistics and Director of the Center for Computer-Mediated Communication, which she founded. One of the first scholars to conduct linguistic analysis of textual computer-mediated communication, in recent years she has focused on multimodal CMC. She is interested in understanding and describing the nature of technologically mediated communication, its effects on self-expression, interpersonal interaction, and its social impacts. She has also studied telepresence robot-mediated interaction and is fascinated by holographic telepresence, the integration of AI into human-human communication, and the implications of "deep fake" technology. She has published nearly 200 works, including 11 edited collections, mostly on CMC. A past editor of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, she currently edits the online journal Language@Internet. 

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