Ulrike Klinger

Ulrike Klinger
Research Scholar


Ulrike Klinger was a CITS Visiting Research Scholar from March through May of 2017. Dr. Klinger is a professor for digital communication at Free University Berlin.. Dr. Klinger's research interests include the societal and cultural implications of communication and IT, strategic communication and politicians’ use of digital media, digital media and democratic processes, as well as comparative analysis of media structures and media regulation. Her current project is "Transforming the digital public sphere: IT engineers as communicators." To learn more about Ulrike's current and past research see her Curriculum Vitae.

Ulrike's faculty lecture "Who's Afraid of Facebook? Perceptions about Social Media in Europe" happened on April 26, 2017. 

"Thank you CITS for an excellent experience: my time as visiting scholar could not have been more productive and fun. The facilities for research are outstanding and easy to access. But the best were the people at CITS! If only I could stay longer, my book manuscript would definitely benefit."