Visiting Scholar Programs

The CITS Visiting Research Scholars Program

The CITS Visiting Research Scholars Program is designed to invigorate research and education at UCSB by hosting visiting scholars from other universities, or from industry. Visiting Research Scholars are expected to demonstrate active research interests in CITS' core concerns with information technology and society, in ways that align with the interests and pursuits of specific UCSB faculty affiliated with CITS. The overarching goal of the program is to develop and foster connections among researchers who share interests in the transitions currently underway worldwide stemming from technological evolution.

Visiting Research Scholars will receive office space, computer support, Internet access, library privileges, and limited staff support during their time in residence at UCSB, which will typically be for short periods of time, ranging from one week to one academic quarter. Visiting Research Scholar appointments are unpaid and visitors will work primarily with members of an affiliated department at UCSB or other local contacts to locate and secure housing during their stay (though CITS can also provide information on local resources).

Ideal candidates include researchers who may wish to spend all or part of their sabbaticals at UCSB, those with fellowship support for visiting scholar opportunities, or researchers in any stage of a multi-university collaboration who are interested in spending an extended time at UCSB. The eligibility of international candidates is subject to U.S. visa requirements and restrictions.

Visiting Research Scholars are expected to participate in CITS' Faculty Lecture Series by giving at least one public presentation of their work and to be available for meetings with faculty, students, and research teams on campus who share interests with them. Ideally, such interactions will foster lasting relationships that will result in (potentially interdisciplinary) research endeavors producing original scholarship, grant applications, and novel teaching opportunities.

A limited number of Visiting Research Scholar appointments will be made each year, and appointments will be awarded based on availability, research interests, and fit with specific UCSB faculty and students currently affiliated with CITS.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, or if you would like to apply for an appointment as a CITS Visiting Research Scholar, please contact CITS Director Joe Walther: email jwalther at

CITS Fellows

CITS Fellows are appointed based on their distinguished achievements in the domain of information technology and society. Their role is to invigorate research and education at UCSB by working with faculty and students as a resource for research and teaching endeavors. The position of research fellow normally requires a doctoral degree, or equivalent work or industry experience.