COVID-19: Analytics and Modeling for Prevention

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

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COVID-19: Analytics and Modeling for Prevention

About the Speakers

Somayeh Dodge, PhD 

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography, UCSB

Dr. Dodge’s research interests mainly involve developing spatiotemporal data analytics, knowledge discovery, modeling, and visualization techniques to study and understand movement. Her research on movement advances spatial data science and quantitative approaches for modeling problems such as human-wildlife conflicts, environmental change, natural hazards, spread of diseases, population mobility, and global migration. She will present An Analytical Time Geography Approach to Tracing Contacts in Movement Data. 

Mengyang Gu, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, UCSB

Dr. Gu's research interests include Uncertainty quantification, Computer model emulation (numerical methods of partial differential equations), Inverse problem/model calibration, Bayesian analysis, Spatio-temporal processes, Tensor methods, and Natural hazard assessment. His presentation title is Preventing a Second Wave: Model Forecasts and Available Datasets.