How to get to CITS

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From the north

Take the Los Carneros Road exit off U.S. 101. Turn to the right (away from mountains).
Continue on Los Carneros Road for 1.2 miles, through 4 stop lights, to Mesa Road.
At the 5th stop light, take a left onto Mesa Road.
Proceed on Mesa Road for .8 miles, until you come to a traffic light. Turn to the right at this light.
The Recreation Center will be to your right, and the Mesa parking structure (Number 18), where you should park, will be to your left. At the traffic light, turn left to get to the parking structure.

From the south

From U.S. 101, take the exit marked "CA-217 W/Ward Memorial Blvd toward Airport/UCSB.”
Follow this road all the way to UCSB.
When you arrive at UCSB, you will cross through Henley Gate. At the Henley Gate traffic circle, turn to the right. This becomes Mesa Road.
Continue on Mesa Road through two traffic lights. At the third traffic light, turn left.
To your right you will see Recreation Center, and on your left is the Mesa parking structure, where you should park. At the light, turn left into the Mesa parking structure (Number 18).


The easiest place to park is the Mesa Structure (Number 18). In the structure, locate a parking permit dispenser to pay for parking. The dispensers take cash and credit cards. Place your permit receipt on your inner windshield such that it is visible from outside the vehicle.

Permit prices (as of 7/2016):
* Monday-Friday (7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) - $5.00 for 2 hours or $8.00 for the entire day
* Monday-Sunday evenings (5-10 p.m.) - $4.00
* Saturday and Sunday - $4.00 for the entire day


To walk to the CITS office from the Mesa Structure, exit to the south (away from the mountains, toward the ocean). You will see the Student Affairs Administrative Services Building across from the bike path. Take a right to walk around this building. After approximately 150 yards you will come to the bus circle.

Cross the bus circle (keeping to the right).

Then walk toward the Pollock Theatre.