Dolores Inés Casillas

Dolores Inés Casillas
Faculty Research Affiliate


Dolores Inés Casillas is a Professor in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, a Faculty Affiliate of Film & Media Studies, and Applied Linguistics in addition to CITS at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Her research focuses on immigrant engagement with U.S. Spanish-language media.  She is the author of Sounds of Belonging: U.S. Spanish-language Radio and Public Advocacy (NYU Press, 2014), which received two book prizes and co-editor with Maria Elena Cepeda (Williams College) of the Companion to Latina/o Media Studies (Routledge Press, 2016) and co-editor with Mary Bucholtz and Jin Sook Lee (UC Santa Barbara) of Feeling It: Language, Race and Affect in Latinx Youth Learning (Routledge Press, 2018).  Sounds of Belonging has been cited in different media venues, such as, the Associated Press, Pacifica Radio, ABCNEWS.COM, BuzzFeed and National Public Radio (NPR). 

Co-author of several award-winning books including a recent project that examines how Spanish-dominant communities rely and revive specific media industries in the United States from DVD rentals via Red Box and smartphone applications such as What’s App, to language learning media, both online and audio-lingual, like Open English and Inglés Sin Barreras. Her 2020 NPR interview "Latino Empowerment through Public Broadcasting," is available here: