• Academic Coordinator

Melissa Bator (PhD, University of California Santa Barbara) is the academic coordinator at CITS whose current research focuses on the knowledge sharing interactions among organizations within the international development community. She is particularly interested in the non-coercive movement of organizational knowledge from the private realm of the organization to the public realm, such as through organizational participation in online forums for giving and receiving advice, information etc.  

Daniel Means
  • Graduate Student Researcher

Daniel was CITS' first Media Manager, while he pursue his M.S. in Computer Science at UCSB, 2017-2019. Dan's interdisciplinary background in Economics, Computer Science, and his Journalism coursework made him an indispensable member of the CITS leadership team. in which he managed the center's media presence, publicized its events, and promoted the work of its faculty research affiliates.


  • CITS Media Manager

Erin Valenzuela is a third year Communication student at UCSB with a minor in Applied Psychology. She began working as a Media Manager for CITS in Spring 2020, where she helps with the center's website, organize online presence,and  promote current events & recent research from affiliated staff and guests. She also has also assisted with, and is currently assisting with, research projects under various staff in the Communication department.

  • Media Manager

Lexie Wang is a Media Manager at CITS, where she manages the center's web presence, promotes research publications by CITS affiliated faculty, and designs and creates promotional materials for the center's events. She is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. in Communication and in Linguistics at UCSB, with a minor in Japanese.